Luna Moreno is an artist and loves nature.

Luna expresses herself through her art, which sometimes includes graffiti. Luna has heard about the odd experiments going on at Price Laboratories and intends to use her class field trip to collect intel on the laboratory, so she can return and release the test animals trapped inside.

Wolf's weapon of choice are her razor claws, which allow her to do extra damage during a challenge. She also has a black leather jacket perfect for concealment at night and granting Wolf the stealth ability.

Wolf is a tough hero and her ability to ready herself and other heroes can mean the difference between winning or losing critical battles or missions.

Wolf Playerboard

Wolf Gear Cards

Razor Claws

Central City Hero Outlaw Hat

Leather Jacket

Central City Hero Outlaw Hat


Central City Hero Outlaw Hat

Spike Collar

Central City Hero Outlaw Boomerang